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Rubberized Asphalt Technology, 36" × 66'

Coverage 2 sq. ft.

Acrylic Adhesive Technology, 36" × 66'

Coverage 2 sq. ft.

Performance Category

Panel SizePanel CountPS-2 Span Rating

Code Evaluation Report

Vapor Transmission of WRB Layer
Air Barrier Assembly
7/16" Panel
4' × 8'
Structural 1
ESR 1473
ESR 1474
12 Perms
Procedure B
ASTM E 2357 <0.037 L/s●m2) @ 75 Pa for Infiltration

ASTM E 2357 <0.012 L/s●m2) @ 75 Pa for Exfiltration
1/2" Panel
4' × 8'
Structural 1
5/8" Panel
4' × 8'
Structural 1

03 Why It Works

We introduced the integrated sheathing category. Here’s how building enclosures have evolved.

  • Structural Durability

    ZIP System panels are available with a Structural 1 rating, so you can get shear strength to meet seismic and high-wind-zone requirements.

  • Integrated Water-Resistive Barrier

    By keeping bulk water out but allowing water vapor to pass through, ZIP System® sheathing achieves a delicate balance of water protection and drying potential.

  • Continuous Air Barrier

    ZIP System sheathing and tape forms a tight barrier against unwanted air leakage, for a durable building envelope that helps promote energy efficiency and increase interior comfort.

  • Speed & Ease of Installation

    Quick and simple two-step installation eliminates the need for housewrap, helping to save money on labor costs and improve project cycle times.

  • Quicker Rough Dry-In

    Simply install the panels and tape the seams to achieve a quicker rough dry-in, allowing mechanicals and other trades to start sooner.

  • 30-Year Limited Warranty

    The ZIP System product line is backed by a 30-year limited warranty and 180-day Exposure Guarantee[1].icon

  • Award-Winning Quality

    ZIP System wall sheathing and tape has been rated #1 in quality every year since 2015 in BUILDER magazine's Annual Brand Use Studies[2].

04 Product Reviews

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Still standing after big storm seconds after setting. Tucker Wright

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